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Corporate health is good for business.

Corporate Health’s success can be measured in two ways: improved employee health and the cost savings realized by organizations as a result of healthier employees. Research has demonstrated that for every rupee an organization spends on wellness programs, medical costs drops by 60% and absenteeism drops by 50%

Cost savings show up in a variety of ways:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower health care costs for employers
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Safer workplace
  • Higher employee loyalty and retention
  • Reduced workers’ compensation costs

Benefits from getting tested at “Health Solutions”

  • 1) The most Economical Price.
  • 2) The Best Quality health service.
  • 3) Uniform Quality.
  • 4) Branded service.
  • 5)Preventive Care

To enquiry the corporate special offers kindly the below details. Our representative will contact you.


At Health Solutions, we are proud of the talented, knowledgeable and dedicated employees who have helped build our reputation towards excellence in the Medical Field. Apply to join our team and explore a rewarding career opportunity.

To enquiry the corporate special offers kindly the below details. Our representative will contact you.


Why should you become our Business Associate?

  • Work for yourself
  • Make your business a success and reap the benefits
  • Get trained by a brand you choose
  • Serve your customers directly
  • You can set your goals and achieve them too
  • Hassle-free setting up

Invitation to business associates

Become our Business Associate by fulfilling the following conditions: Download and Fill the Application Form

  • If you are a qualified Lab Technician.
  • If you are a retired or working healthcare worker.
  • If you have your own routine testing laboratory and you want to outsource your high end tests to some other Clinical Reference Laboratory.
  • If you are a qualified person (minimum 10+2 and/or DMLT) and searching for a suitable job.
  • If you have flair to become an entrepreneur, but due to financial constraints you are not able to do so.

To enquiry the corporate special offers kindly the below details. Our representative will contact you.

We will provide you the following

  • You will be provided with Operating Code, User ID and Password
  • Promotional materials, Logistic materials and report forms will be provided at a very subsidized cost.
  • Credit limit to the extent of 75% of the security deposit.
  • Operate your account on cash and carry basis – keep sufficient cash balance for smooth operation of your account.
  • Web Based Online Reporting - Download your online reports through internet using your user ID and password.
  • Helpline services for discussing the status of reports.
  • On call pathologists for attending queries.
  • You will be provided with Operating Code, User ID and Password

We will always be available for further clarity on any point mentioned above and otherwise. Please feel free to ask your queries at support@hsppl.com


Yes. You can become an Business Associate even if you haven’t had any experience in the healthcare, diagnostic, or medical sector. With our training and guidance, you will be able to manage and operate your Business.

We have developed extensive training programs for our franchisees. The training process begins before setting up the unit and continues during the course of Operations. At “Health Solutions”, training and learning is an ongoing process. We have modules for both franchise owners and staff. We conduct these sessions at our in-house training facility, our franchise centers, and online. They will include modules on Operations, Business Administration, Information Technology and Center Management Training. We might also have some routine training sessions every six months, which will depend on the requirement.

The best system you can get!

We have a number of support modules for our franchisee partners: a. Pre-opening support to the franchisee will include center set-up and operational and administration training for the franchise owner and the staff b. Provision of marketing material, consumables (syringes, vaccutainers, tubes, cotton, etc), branding material, and logistics support c. Post-opening training programs, based on need, to develop and upgrade the competencies of our Business Associates.

You, as Business Associate, will be required to build a doctor network in your area of operation. If you have a flair for marketing and sales, it should be easy to develop and manage your unit’s ‘doctor network’. As a brand, We will provide you with the support to serve your network efficiently.

Managing day-to-day operations is your prime responsibility. We may provide some help in terms of recruiting manpower initially, but we expect you to manage the unit’s daily operations. We can help you identify staffing companies in your area and you could hire temporary substitutes when your employee is on leave. There might be a nominal fee which we will charge for this services.

No. However, if you want to convert your existing franchise center to a become our Business Associate , we will consider your application.

We will have to evaluate the site against our criteria and run a feasibility study of your business plan . If your case fits our criteria, we may take it forward.

Yes. We will evaluate your application against our criteria if you wish to take up more than one unit. You will also have to assure us about how you plan to manage and operate your proposed units.

That might be difficult, as currently, we are only looking for people who will be involved in the business on a daily basis.